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INSURANCE: Important Tips

Medicare Supplemental Insurance
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Health Insurance in the United States may be somewhat different from those you know in your country. Here are some tips for you to handle yourself without any problem during your stay.

ID Card: You’ll need it each time you visit the doctor so do not miss it! The insurer will give you this card which includes your policy number, your member ID and other important information.

Save money: You can be treated at any medical center, but it is more economical to do so where they are members or have an agreement with your insurance agency. Be informed about what to have it present in the case of an emergency.

Take your medicine: Health insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, so if you take any medicine regularly is good that you take the amount needed to reach you during your time in America.

Be informed: Check to be aware of what is included in your health insurance and what not. This way you’ll get no surprises.

To also have in mind:

First of all, remember that you can call toll free 911 for medical help or police to an accident or crime.

Contrary to what you may be accustomed to, medical care in emergency (Emergency Rooms) is much more expensive. We do not recommend you go into a situation that is not critical.

Do not take surprises, check the period in which you will be assured.

Prescription drugs usually are not covered, but you can ask for a refund to your insurer. Acordate always retain proof of payment.

Remember that coverage will not work if you have a poisoning arising from any type of drug.


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