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Nine common mistakes when feeding cats - Healthy Life and tips

Nine common mistakes when feeding cats

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1-Feeding Dog Food

It’s amazing that someone might think of feeding a cat dog food, but this is a fairly common story. It is much easier for many to allow all the animals in the house to eat from one bowl than to try to spend their time observing the diet of each individual animal. Unfortunately, this can have serious health consequences for cats. Dog food does not contain enough protein that cats need. Dog food also almost does not contain taurine, and this is the amino acid that cats cannot live without, can go blind and die.

2-Too many fish in the diet

Fish, as a treat, is harmless from time to time, but as an element of a constant diet, it can lead to vitamin deficiency and a loss of appetite. For example, constant feeding of fish can lead to a deadly disease in cats called steatitis. Also, feeding fish causes a deficiency of vitamin B and taurine, which can lead to loss of appetite, cramps and death. Tuna stands out among the fish, as it has a very intense taste and smell, so many cats can become addicted to it. Such cats begin to refuse any other food and can starve for several days if they do not receive tuna. Another problem with constant tuna feeding is that there is a risk of mercury poisoning. If you include tuna in the diet of your cat, then feed him no more than several times a month. Fish is not a typical diet for cats in nature. Cats prefer meat.


After weaning from the mother, most kittens gradually cease to tolerate lactose. Although some cats do not have problems drinking milk, they should not offer milk on a regular basis, as this can lead to diarrhea. Milk should not replace water, since milk is food, not water, and in itself can cause the need for fluids. Replacing water with milk can lead to dehydration, especially if the cat eats dry food.

4-food from the table

Snacks are not a balanced diet for cats, usually they are too fat and spicy. A diet that contains more than 10% of leftovers from the table can lead to serious diseases, such as gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, etc. In addition to health problems, feeding from the table can also lead to behavior problems such as begging and food theft. Food with bones can lead to suffocation. Some bones, such as chicken, can crack and damage the esophagus.

5-vitamins without control

All of you, for sure, have seen those attractive vitamin goodies placed on the counter of the pet store. They are usually made bright, strongly smelling and placed in transparent containers, but this is only a marketing move to attract your attention. In fact, their benefits are dubious. If you feed a cat a balanced, high-quality food, you do not need to supplement it with anything. Unless your veterinarian advises otherwise, do not add vitamins to food, because you can increase their content in the diet to a toxic level. If you feed your cat with natural food, make sure that you follow the recommendations of the veterinarian, made on the basis of cat analyzes, when you add certain vitamins and nutritional supplements to the diet. Buy professional vitamin complexes, where the package indicates the exact content of all the elements in the tablet.

6-Feeding Your Cat a Vegetarian Meal

Cats are obligate (obligatory) predators and must receive vitamin A and taurine from meat. A diet with insufficient meat will lead to serious consequences and, possibly, death. If you are a vegetarian, you should not include your cat in your lifestyle, otherwise it will suffer. There are no compromises. Cats need meat in order to be healthy and live fully. Therefore, if you do not accept the consumption of meat, even your pets, it is better to get a rabbit or guinea pig.

7-Lack of cat weight control

Obesity has simply become an epidemic in the world of pets. Sometimes we just kill our cats with food. We feed too much and do not provide enough opportunities for physical activity. Many cats have nothing to do all day, except to walk from the sofa to the bowl.
Feeding recommendations on the food packaging are advisory in nature and may not apply to YOUR particular cat. You can check how much feed your cat should receive. Weigh the cat daily and note weight gain or loss. If a cat is gaining weight in this diet, then reduce the amount of food until it stops getting fat. Obesity can also be caused by a lot of treats or inappropriate food for your cat.
If you are worried about your cat’s weight, consult your veterinarian. Cats categorically cannot quickly lose weight, because it is dangerous for their health and can lead to liver disease and death.

8- Selection of the wrong food

Cheap feeds of economy class, feeding immediately ten different feeds of different companies, feed that is not suitable for the stage of life of the animal, these are just some aspects that you should pay attention to. And if the first two points are a subject of discussion for many, then the third, it seems, should be clear to everyone. On the labels of the feed write for whom it is intended. For kittens, adults or older cats. Kitten food, for example, contains more protein and fat than adult cat food, and is suitable for the first year of life and is not suitable for an elderly animal. There are also therapeutic diets for special health problems. Choose food that matches your cat’s health and stage of life.

9- Too many goodies

Goodies are not a substitute for a balanced diet. They are very tasty, but they do not contain the nutrients a cat needs for a healthy daily diet. If you feed the cat treats too often, it will have a bad appetite when the time comes to eat regular food.
Goodies are powerful tools for learning and correcting behavior. Use them wisely! When I give treats to cats, I crush them very finely, so even one treat is enough for a long time.

If your cat is overweight, keep in mind that you can use part of her daily diet as a reinforcement for behavior correction so that you do not have to increase calorie intake through the use of treats.


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